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Chris Groner
4 min read

Testimonial: Learning From The Best

When I started my career I was more or less, rudderless. I was unsure if I made the correct major in school, I was being thrown around by an employer into multiple job roles, and I had no real direction or guidance from my boss. Not the best way to start out, right?

In a time of personal uncertainty, in came Women Who Market, and their talented leader Alina.

Alina was clear from the start. Digital Marketing was the future and she knew that not only could I do the work, but that I'd also find it rewarding and stimulating. She also knew that, in order for me to grasp all of these advanced concepts, that it would take time and patience. Alina is someone who knows exactly how to "hold your hand" during the learning process, while also empowering you to move beyond your fear and go figure it out.

Over a short time frame, Alina enabled me to gain confidence in my abilities, while always remaining available to answer any questions I had. Within months, I was given autonomy to run Google Ad campaigns with $500K budgets, perform site-wide keyword research projects, form and share thoughtful opinions on large-scale SEO strategies with company executives, and become Google Analytics certified among many other accomplishments.

Currently, I manage the Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation efforts for a 3,000 headcount, global IT consulting company. My current company trusts me to make all large decisions around digital marketing.

What happens if we 404 this page and don't redirect it? How can we target X company to drive new business? If we combine these two websites, what happens to our SEO? And that's just currently. I was brought in a few years ago to establish a digital marketing practice from the ground up. Without the help of Women Who Market, my career wouldn’t be as successful as it's been.

In addition to my current work, I have successfully interviewed and received job offers from Fortune 1000 companies, professional sports teams, & start-ups alike and I walk into each interview more confident than I ever was.

Women Who Market has empowered me to make my own career decisions. I have a wide range of job opportunities available, across multiple industries, and I have the skills that these organizations are desperately seeking.

I owe much of my success to Alina and Women Who Market for setting the digital marketing skill foundation that I needed. I would highly recommend Women Who Market to anyone looking to grow their career, learn a new skill, or start a whole new career.

Marketing Specialist at AgileThought