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We Mind the Gaps

If you have been a passenger on the London subway system, aka “the Tube,” then you know about the gap. It is that gap between the subway car floor and the station platform. And it’s a big one - big enough to drop your phone, your wallet, or even your foot into. It is dangerous.

The Tube reminds all the passengers about the gap every time the subway is about to stop. The employees know about the gap. The passengers know about the gap. Everyone knows about the gap - yet nobody can do anything about it. It just is what it is.

We Mind the Gap

At Women Who Market, we not only mind the gap, we also want to do something about it.

There are many gaps in the world, but we are particularly passionate about these two:

  1. The gender gap
  2. The digital marketing skills gap

The Gender Gap

According to McKinsey, women represent one of the largest pools of untapped labor: Globally, 655 million fewer women are economically active than men. If every country matched the progress toward gender parity of its fastest-improving neighbor, global GPD could increase by up to $12 trillion in 2025.

And this is just one statistic!

We are not here to restate the obvious about the gender gap. Instead, let us share with you what we want to achieve.

We want more women:

  • Entering the workforce
  • Having better career opportunities
  • Making more money
  • And we want them to love what they do, and be happy and proud about what they do.

The Digital Marketing Skills Gap

The digital marketing skills gap is just as glaring. 3 out of 10 schools with a marketing program do not offer a digital marketing course of any type. In a recent survey of 1,000 marketers from U.S. and U.K. companies, only 8% had entry-level digital marketing skills. No wonder 75% of organizations are “not very confident” in their ability to execute a digital transformation.

There’s a knowledge gap between marketing professionals and business needs, so we aim to:

  • Spread awareness about the different careers opportunities available in today’s digital transformation era
  • Reteach the basics, not only in digital marketing but in the larger professional sense — like communication and critical thinking skills — to help develop the talent businesses are looking for
  • Create new spaces to learn about digital marketing for those brave enough to admit that they don’t know enough about it — even if they work in the industry — and for those brave enough to change career paths too
  • Connect the right talent with the right project to produce extraordinary work.

From our window view, we can see the answer.

Help women develop digital marketing expertise to serve the business needs of today, tomorrow, and beyond by creating spaces for education, inspiration, and connection to bring ideas and people together.

And together we can provide a tangible benefit for everyone in the community and hopefully close the gaps.

Want to Keep the Conversation Going?

Hola! I'm Alina, and I'm from Medellín, Colombia. I'm a marketer, a teacher and a student. I'm a wife, a friend and a proud outsider; and I'm the creator of Women Who Market: A community for everyone who is in search of their gift. We exist to help you connect with yourself and discover that magical gift within you.