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Our Curriculum

Our overall educational system to teach Digital Marketing encompasses four elements:

  1. Small group classes
  2. One-on-one training
  3. Practice
  4. Rinse, repeat

What you should learn first

Regarding what topics you should learn first, it is hard to select a specific order because everyone comes from different backgrounds so what is a good start for you may not be the same for your classmate.

However, here is a suggested order of topics to guide your learning process:

  1. What is Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is not just social media. It includes a wide range of strategies, tools, and programs to communicate a marketing message via a digital device.

    You should learn about the different aspects of digital marketing, the market demand, and how you can start building your skills to grow in this industry. Suggested class ➜ Intro to Digital Marketing
  2. Building Online Presence: Creating an online presence goes beyond having a website, Facebook page, or Instagram page. It is about knowing your business inside out, knowing your value, and knowing which digital tools fits your business the best.

    You should learn the basics on how to create your online presence. Suggested class ➜ How to Create an Online Presence
  3. Content Marketing: You may have heard that when it comes to digital marketing, content is key. And yes, we also agree that this is important, but we also know it can be difficult to carry out a successful content strategy when you are not a writer or have limited resources.

    You should learn how to create effective content even if you think you are not cut out for it. Suggested class ➜ Content Marketing for Non-Content Writers
  4. Branding: Show your unique you. But your unique you has so many layers, so how to pick the best ones that truly represent you?

    Hard question to answer, but there are some simple concepts behind every successful brand that are easy to replicate, and you should learn what are those basic concepts. Suggested class ➜ How to Create Your Brand 
  5. Social Media: Social media is a powerful way to reach the masses, uplift the spirit, and encourage action when you tell your story from your heart.

    You should learn the foundation to get your social media strategy set up correctly from the beginning. Suggested class ➜ Intro to Social Media
  6. Web Development: If your website was your house, and if you were to built it from the ground up, how would you build it?
    We bet many thoughts came to mind right now, and perhaps one of your thoughts is that this could be one of the most challenging project you set out to do because you want to build your perfect house, so where do you start? The same thought process happens when you are creating your website.

    You should know what you need to do before you start building your website. Suggested class ➜ Intro to Web Development and Design
  7. Google: Bill Gates says content is king, but we say Google is king. One of the keys to win the 'game' is to know how to play Google, and in order to do that, you must know Google's game first. Yes, you have to do the homework.

    You should know the top 5 Google accounts that will help you understand how Google thinks and how you need to play so that your business wins. Suggested class ➜ Top 5 Google Accounts for your Biz
  8. SEO: Usually complicated terms need an acronym. Just kidding, but not really. We are not going to sugar coat this. SEO is complicated but not for the reasons many people say. We believe SEO is complicated not because it is hard to learn - it is actually very easy - but because it requires work, patience, and time. Hmm, three things that many may not want to do nor have. 

    You should know what is SEO - Search Engine Optimization - why it is important for you to know it, and what is the best way to learn it. Suggested class ➜ Intro to SEO
  9. Email Marketing: Have you checked your email inbox today? We dare to say that the answer to that question is YES - hence, the importance of this topic.

    You should know what is email marketing and what you have to keep in mind to carry on a successful email marketing strategy. Suggested class ➜ Intro to Email Marketing
  10. Reporting and Analytics: What gets measured gets done. Reporting and analytics is one of our favorites topics because it is the holy grail of Digital Marketing. It is the reason why Digital Marketing has validity. Everything we do in Digital Marketing can be tracked; therefore, it can be evaluated, and it can be improved.

    You should know what you need to have in place first before you start creating your reporting and analytics strategy. Suggested class ➜ Reporting and Analytics

Wow! That was a lot. But guess what? You are not alone - or with robots - to learn about all this. That is what we are here for. We truly want to guide you through the world of Digital Marketing to make your learning experience an enjoyable one. 

And why are we doing this? Because we care 💜 - our founder ended up in this industry by pure luck. She had to navigate through a lot of noise to get to the core of this profession, and she fell in love with it not only because it is fun but because Digital Marketing has given her the opportunity to create the life she once imagined in her mind. And she wants to do whatever she can so that more people can get the control of their lives and create their own future.  

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