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We Believe in Connections

Although we live in a digital world, people are still humans - not robots. And although there is a growing need to adapt to new technology and new ways of living, one of the basic human needs remains intact and will continue to exist forever, which is the basic need of connecting.

We Believe in Connections

People seek connections with what they do, what they sense, and with what they think to form a sense of being, so the process of gaining a skill, otherwise know as learning, should be also based on the premises of connections.

At Women Who Market, we believe that for learning to truly happen the education process must be about connections.

Education is Power

Education is powerful, and in our opinion, it is the key to solving the most pressing problems of the world, yet we often take it for granted.

In today’s world, where the demand for stronger skill sets only gets higher and higher, we can’t afford to lose time on education that doesn't prove true value and benefits to current and future generations.

The Five Connections

We believe learning requires a series of five connections.

  1. There must be a connection between the student and the subject matter.
    Students must have a genuine interest in the subject and a sincere desire to learn it.
  2. There must be a connection between the teacher and the subject matter.
    Teachers need to live, breathe, and dream about what they teach. An educator’s passion for the subject should be so intrinsic in their DNA that their passion flows to the students to spark their interest.
  3. There must be a connection between the students and teacher.
    When you connect with someone, and that connection makes you feel good, incredible things happen. That connection inspires you and helps you go above and beyond. And that is what education and learning is all about.
  4. There must be a connection with the physical space where learning takes place.
    You’re relaxed in spaces that make you comfortable; therefore, your mind is relaxed as well and open to learn new things.
  5. There must be a connection with a learning goal. But that goal shouldn’t be to get an A. The goal should be something beyond getting a grade or a degree. The goal should be about achieving something meaningful to your life that will make you happy.

Once these Five Connections happen, magic starts to happen. Not only because you learn a new skill, but also because that skill transcends the classroom into the real word when you are inspired to make an impact in your community.

How do we put our belief into action?

We create a friendly and positive space to make connections that spark ideation, action, and self-actualization - that is our mission.

In everything we do, we have our mission in mind, but don't take our word for it. We would love for you to join the community and experience for yourself the power of connections. 

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Hola! I'm Alina, and I'm from Medellín, Colombia. I'm a marketer, a teacher and a student. I'm a wife, a friend and a proud outsider; and I'm the creator of Women Who Market: A community for everyone who is in search of their gift. We exist to help you connect with yourself and discover that magical gift within you.