Welcome to Women Who Market!

Education for Everyone

Our VISION  is for everyone to have easy access to useful education worldwide. 

Education is powerful, and in our opinion, it is the key to solving the world's most pressing problems. Yet we often take it for granted.

In today’s world, where the demand for more substantial skill sets only gets higher and higher, we can’t afford to lose time by not proving the value and benefit of education to current and future generations.

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Creating Connections

Our MISSION is to create a friendly and positive space to make connections that spark

  • Ideation
  • Action, and
  • Self-actualization

We strongly believe in the power of connections to make things happen. 

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Love to Teach

I am Alina, and I am the founder of Women Who Market.

I love to teach, and I love Digital Marketing, but most importantly, I'm passionate about education because I believe it's the key to creating a better future.

I can't wait to see you in class!

PS: Come to class prepared to hear my Colombian accent 💃. 

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Together We Can Create a New Future